Up and Running Guelph
Up and Running Guelph was launched in 2016 by a team of passionate community members to improve mental health and well-being through inclusive, nature-based walking and running programs within a supportive community. Originally designed for women, who have higher rates of depression and anxiety, our programs harness the benefits of exercise, nature, and social connections. Over the last 5 years, over 600 participants have experienced a sense of belonging and improved mental well-being following participation in our programs. Many have built lifelong friendships and over 75% continue to participate beyond their initial 10 week session. Up and Running programs offer a low-cost, accessible, community-based tool for early intervention and prevention of mental health challenges.

Available Positions

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Evening Run Volunteer Mentor Evening Running Program with Up and Running Guelph View Detail
Evening Walk Volunteer Mentor Evening Walking Program with Up and Running Guelph View Detail
Morning Walk Volunteer Mentor Morning Walking Program - Up and Running Guelph View Detail
Supportive Walk/Run Program Volunteer   View Detail
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